Transforming your business - where do I start?

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At Streamline Edge we are keen to equip you with the right tools to enable you to do your work with the minimum of frustration and to provide you with the information you need, when you need it. By providing us with the following information you will help us to understand what tools you use today.

Contact Information

Job Function and Key Activities

Week to week what percentage of your time would you spend on each of the following tasks (up to 100%)

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Please indicate below what tools you use to keep track of daily tasks and appointments

Document Management and Storage

Task Management Improvements

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Business/Communication Tools

Please select all that apply

Business Software Applications

Please indicate how essential the following Business Applications are in enabling you to perform your job function

eg for Budgets, Financial Reports, Expenses, Receipts

eg for Sales Forecasts, Pipelines, Quotas etc

Mass Email, Auto-responses, Newsletters, Campaigns

eg for creating documents, proposals, quotes, letters

eg for Order Fulfillment, After Sales Support, Complaints

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Effectiveness of current technologies in helping you get the job done

Training and Managing Change

The world we live & work in is constantly changing. How we manage that change and the way in which we learn new things impacts on how successful we can be. Below we look to obtain some of your thoughts in these areas.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey, your information will be kept confidential, but will help us greatly to assist you in Streamlining and transforming your business.